Farmer Frog – Everett, WA

IMG_2906We are promoting and supporting local economies, communities and ecosystems through outdoor garden classrooms using hands-on STEM focused curriculum resulting in more engaged students and relaxed teachers, as well as good eating habits leading to improved health.

We accomplish these goals by:
  • Practicing year-round intense urban and small scale agriculture
  • Utilizing permaculture and season extender technologies producing 365 days a year
  • Connecting stable better-off households with low income members in the communities we work in
  • Providing curriculum to teachers and schools and training the interested public
  • Repurposing underutilized sites, materials and resources

Our growing techniques help to restore urban ecosystems, reviving underserved neighborhoods and turning these into environmentally sound food producing farms and gardens.  We feed people who otherwise would not have the means, ability or awareness to eat fresh healthy food. We involve them and enable them in bettering their own lives and bridge the social gap between different groups by literally bringing them to the table to eat together! 

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Farmer Frog is a branch of the 501c3 nonprofit organization, Foundation for Sustainable Community

Here is Farmer Frog: